Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Backlink Creation With BuildBackLinks Services

Building backlinks is a webmasters main goal when it comes to building a websites off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can come from social media, blog comments, forum posts, guest posts, etc., there are many ways to create links to your website. The more high quality backlinks you establish, the better your website will place is both search engines and online rankings (Ex: PageRank).

BackLinkBuild is an SEO based company that provides a wide variety of backlink building services for webmasters and web owners looking to save some time. However, they have become webmaster favorites due to their direct focus on customer support, offering online chat, phone, and email.

Backlink Services :

There are a number of services that create backlinks, increase SEO, and stimulate traffic. Below are the specific services that BackLinkBuild provides.

High Page Rank Commenting

Micro-website Creation

Wiki Creation

Press Release

Social Bookmarks

Relevant Links

.Edu Link Building

Directory Submission

Article Submission

Reliable Link Wheel

Network of Blogs

To show the effectiveness of their service and how satisfied their customers are, they show testimonials from their customers like Fernando Testa:

“Incredible results! I almost can’t believe changing so fast from 1.780.000 in Alexa to 1.337.000 in a couple of weeks. Advertising gives immediate results, but this gives a long term improvement and more value to users organic search. We had a very good positioning in Argentina before acquiring services and we didn’t expect to keep going up. Great Job for the team !!”

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